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A message
to our patients

The field of neurosurgery is defined as encompassing the detection and operative treatment of disorders, diseases and deformities of the central nervous system and its covering and of the peripheral and vegetative nervous systems, as well as all the associated preliminary examinations, conservative methods of treatment and rehabilitation techniques.

Neurosurgery is an independent discipline for the treatment of cranial, cerebral and spinal cord diseases, as well as tumours and deformities of the skull, brain, spinal cord and nerves; it can also be used to treat haemorrhages, vascular formations and spinal disc related diseases, as well as functional disorders such as pain, spasticity, epilepsy and movement disorders.

You can take comfort in the knowledge that all of our employees at the clinic will endeavour to make your recovery as speedy as possible. Please do not hesitate to express your wishes or make suggestions, so that we can take these into account in your best interests.

We hope that your treatment will result in an excellent outcome for you.


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