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The range of services offered by our clinic


The detection and conservative and operative treatment of:

Spinal column diseases

• Slipped discs
• Degeneration
• Vertebral body displacement
• Stenosis of the spinal column
• Spinal disc operations, replacement/ prosthesis, vertebroplasty, nucleoplasty
• Discography
• Catheter techniques
• Denervation of the vertebral joints
• Periradicular injections
• Sclerotisation / Radiofrequency lesions

Nerve entrapment and disease

• Carpal tunnel syndrome, sulcus ulnaris syndrome
• Tarsal tunnel syndrome
• Neural dissection
• Nerve grafting

Neurosurgical pain therapies – conservative, interventional and neuromodulative

• Implantation of ports and pumps
• Implantation of pain stimulators
• Acupuncture, pulsating magnetic field therapy, laser treatment
• Complex treatments
• Traditional Chinese medicine

Care of

• Hydrocephalus patients
• Brain tumour patients
• Stroke patients
• Head trauma patients
• Paediatric and neurosurgical patients